Your father was a madman who threw away half your House’s soldiers over a particularly bad pie, your advisor is twirling his moustache and playing with his vial of ear poison, and a wyvern just ate one of your villages. Your Majesty, your kingdom awaits you.

A Travellers Guide to the Realms:

Great Houses:

House Drascko: Stewards of the North, and the keepers of the Old Gods. As Unforgiving as the Mire.

House Caliburn: Guardians of the Westerlands, and the master stonemasons of the Seven Realms. The Mountains do not Bend Knee.

House Jednoran: Masters of the East, and the protectors of The Faith. From the Ashes.

House Anderan: Rulers of the Verdant Isles, and the captains of the Jagged Sea. Weather the Storm.

House Letulys: Conquerors of the Endless Heath, and explorers of the ruins of the past. Beneath the Sand.

Realms and the Provinces:

The North: The North of the land is a large, cold marsh, bordered on the north by a mountainous coast.

The Westerlands: The Mountainous Westerlands, with bountiful plateaus, and plains in the foothills.

The Hookfang Peaks: Harsh and unforgiving, the elusive peaks are often shrouded in clouds.

The Verdant Isles: Sweeping grasslands bordered by a rocky coast, the Verdant Isles are ringed by numerous stone spires, protecting their shores.

The Endless Heath: A vast badland, covered in sweeping plateaus and plunging valleys, the Endless Heath houses the ruins of the Drakeran Empire.

The Darkened Throne

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