The Crimson Citadel

A towering castle, originally built of dark red stone by the Madman Aeryn Letulys. Constructed on the edge of The Rift, parts of the original citadel slid into the Rift, crashing down onto the ruins below. Over the generations however, the citadel has been repaired and rebuilt, to the point of it becoming a fearsome fortress in it’s own right.

Sections of the Citadel:

The Slayer’s Hall- The central hall of the Citadel, for banquets, audiences, and other important functions, the Slayer’s Hall is so named for the skeleton of the great drake Rhasak suspended from the roof.

The Mad Lord’s Tower – A solitary tower, the only remaining part of the original Citadel and closest to the Rift. This tower is used as guest quarters when visitors arrive. It provides a great view of the ruins and waters running into The Rift.

The Overlook – The highest tower of the Citadel, this tower houses the head of the family, their kin, and servants.

The Fortifications – The entire Citadel is ringed by a wide stone wall, 20 feet thick, and 40 feet high. There are two gates, on the southeast and northeast. There are 6 guard towers, 2 by each gate, and 1 on each side between each gate.

The Crimson Citadel

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